Ballet lessons (Pre-School, Pre-Primary & Primary)

Pre-School (From 3 years)

These classes are designed to help develop co-ordination, confidence and self- awareness.  Stories and themes are used to stimulate the imagination and engage the children, enabling them to focus on the task, with enjoyment.

Classes are thirty minutes, in a safe environment, with a teacher and an assistant to cater for their needs.


The children move into these classes when they start school.

The classes then follow the RAD syllabus, with the intention of participating in the Pre-Primary Award after 4 or 5 terms of exploring all areas of the syllabus.  Exercises are introduced (often with the use of props) to continue to develop co-ordination, confidence and self- awareness and stories are used to develop mime and performance.

Classes are 40 – 45 minutes, with a teacher and an assistant, after school or on Saturday mornings.


Children will move into this class after participating in Pre-Primary classes and ideally taking the Pre-Primary Award. However it is not a requirement and older children starting ballet for the first time can potentially move into this class.

Exercises are now more technical and a greater degree of co-ordination is required.  The emphasis is still on fun and the use of props and working with partners helps promote this. The Primary Award or Primary Graded Exam will be taken after 3-4 terms depending on the ages of the children, and their focus.

Classes are now 45 minutes.

Uniform requirements

Uniform requirements for Ballet lessons (Pre-School, Pre-Primary & Primary)