Code of Conduct

This document is intended for all students, parents, and guardians at Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance. Our aim is to ensure that all students experience dance in a fun, friendly, positive and safe environment. In order to achieve this, please take note of the following guidelines. Any student unable or unwilling to profit from the education provided at the school may be asked to withdraw from the school after reasonable notice. 


Rules and Regulations Customer Incidents 

  • Aggressive, abusive or anti-social behaviour is not tolerated from students or parents/guardians, in any part of the premises being used, or at any time, whether toward Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance staff, visitors or other Dance School customers or students. 
  • The Dance School provides lessons in a number of different venues, and we ask that you remember that the various facilities are a workplace for many different people. Please conduct yourselves in an appropriate manner and respect Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance staff, all visitors and policies at all times. 
  • The Dance School are not permitted to use the play facilities or the grounds (other than the hired hall, toilets, café and car park) at any of the establishments we hire as a venue. Whilst your child is attending a class provided by Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance, they are a pupil of the dance school and therefore not permitted access other areas or grounds. 
  • All customer incidents will be reported and investigated accordingly. Any incident reported to the school involving a student or their parent / guardian could result in their account being suspended, with the possibility of being fully withdrawn from the Dance School. Serious incidents may result in immediate withdrawal from the Dance School. 



  • Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance have a ‘duty’ of care’ to provide a safe environment for, and to promote the health and well-being, of children under the age of 18 years and vulnerable adults.
  • Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance will take all reasonable steps to ensure that safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults is embedded in our contact with them through the training and activities we provide. 
  • Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance believes that the welfare of the child is paramount, and that all children and vulnerable adults regardless of age, disability, gender, race, sexual orientation or identity, or religious belief have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse. 
  • All staff, students, parents and guardians are expected to comply with Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance’s Safeguarding Policy. Failure to do so may result in withdrawal. Please report any concerns or incidents to the Safeguarding Officer. 


Health and Safety 

  • Some physical contact is necessary by the teacher to demonstrate exercises or techniques or to prevent injury during the class. • If in the case of minor accidents, first aid needs to be administered, the school will contact the Parent / Guardian immediately. 
  • It is essential that students are in the right place at the right time. If late for a lesson a student may miss vital information, impede the learning of others, and place themselves at risk of injury should they miss the warm-up section of the lesson. 
  • It is important that students always keep themselves warm between classes in order to protect against injury. 
  • Students should drink plenty of water, and ensure they keep their energy levels up by eating a healthy snack in between classes. 
  • Any student who hurts themselves in class or feels unwell should tell their teacher or member of staff immediately. 
  • The venues used by Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance are places of work, and respect must be given to all staff. There must be no running or shouting in the building or grounds at any venue. 
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises utilised by Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance. 



  • It is vital that students arrive in good time. Those arriving late for class could miss important information and impede the learning of others. 
  • Occasionally, a teacher may ask a student to arrive earlier for the lesson, in order to practice a particular aspect of dance. 



  • Regular attendance is extremely important. If students do not attend on a regular basis, then the development of the class and the individual student will be affected. 
  • Students’ attendance will be monitored as they prepare for their examinations and assessments, and those who fail to attend classes and additional lessons may be withdrawn. • If possible, please advise the Dance School via of any known absences, as the registers can be updated, and the teacher advised. 



  • Students / Parents / Guardians are expected to behave in an orderly, civilised and well-mannered way and to show respect to their teachers, assistants and other students. 
  • Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in sanctions and withdrawal. 
  • Bullying is not tolerated at Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance.



  • It is extremely important that students arrive dressed and ready for their class in full Dance School uniform, in order to be able to work correctly and safely in class, and to present a neat and elegant appearance. 
  • Dance School zipped hoodies can be purchased and will be suitable to wear to and from classes and for class warm up. 
  • All items of clothing and footwear should be clearly labelled, as there are times when items are removed / exchanged during the lesson. 
  • Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance are not responsible for returning items to their owners. 
  • All students (if hair length permits) from Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance should have their hair in a neatly-tied bun for ballet class, and a tidy ponytail or plaits for other classes. We ask that all students make a concerted effort to come to class wearing their hair in the specified manner. 
  • All dance shoes should be clean and fit correctly. 
  • No jewellery is to be worn in class; this includes watches, earrings and face jewellery. Small stud earrings will be permitted at the discretion of the Principal. 


  • Should there be a need to change clothing during the course of their class, then Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance staff will assist with getting the student changed in a safe environment, if age / ability dictates that assistance is required. 
  • Students will only be changed in the designated changing areas in the presence of other students or teachers, but never alone with one adult. 


Mobile Phones 

  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the dance class at any time, without prior approval from the teacher. 
  • Mobile phones may not be used while in the changing areas due to potential concern about privacy. 
  • For security reasons, we recommend that valuables are not brought to the school. 
  • Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance reserves the right to confiscate mobile phones if used within the duration of the class. The mobile phone will be returned at the end of the class. 


Drop off / Collection 

  • Parents and guardians are asked to drop off students directly before the start of their class and to supervise them until the class time. 
  • Parents / Guardians are requested to drop off their children a maximum of ten minutes before their class is due to start. 
  • Please stay with your child until they have entered their class. 
  • Parents should return five minutes before the class end time to collect their children. 
  • Parents are not permitted to enter the dance class at any time – beginning, during or after.

All queries should be sent via email to the relevant contact or addressed to the teaching helper / other member of staff present. If your query is urgent, please write a note and ask your child to hand it to the dance teacher. Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance has a responsibility to all students within a class, and the presence of adults other than a teacher, can be disruptive and upsetting. 

  • Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance MUST be notified if your child is being collected by an adult who is not listed as an emergency contact. 
  • All students up to the end of Academic Year 2, must be collected from the teacher / teaching assistant personally. 


Personal Property 

  • Students should make sure that they keep their valuable personal items with them at all times. Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance cannot be held responsible if items go missing. 


Remuneration and Fees 

  • As per our Terms and Conditions, fees must be paid before the first lesson of each class, per term. Failure to do so may result in a student being excluded from their class. 


Data Protection Policy 

  • Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance staff members are not at liberty to disclose any information relating to other Dance School students. Student information is confidential and retained in accordance with Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance Data Protection Policy. 


Visual and Social Media 

  • In line with our policy laid out in our enrolment form, we do not publish or post any images (static or moving) of children under the age of 7, across any of our online channels without prior written consent (and then with minimal personal information). Images of children over the age of 7 are not named without prior written consent.
  • We ask that all parents, guardians and students ensure that they use social media and the internet in the context of Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance in a safe and positive way. This includes the way in which Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance is represented when posting, commenting and blogging on any website. 
  • Please report any concerns regarding this subject to 
  • We ask that current students who have access to social media do not contact teachers or student teachers on their personal pages. 
  • We ask that all students / parents and guardians contact the School’s email and / or social media page for any questions, helpful tips and advice. 


Dance Class Areas 

  • It is forbidden to eat or drink anything other than water in the main dance class areas. 
  • The chewing of gum is not permitted during any dance class. 
  • If the fire alarm sounds, students, parents and visitors should follow the Fire Evacuation Policy for the venue they are at.
  • No ball games / running games are permitted in the car parks at any of the venues used by Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance. 
  • No parents / guardians / students are permitted to wander around any of the schools used as a venue by Pound Ballet Studio/PBS Dance. 
  • Parents and guardians are asked to drive carefully when dropping off and collecting their children from classes. 

Enrolment with PBS Dance is acknowledgement of the acceptance of our Terms and Conditions and our code of conduct Thank you for your compliance.